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Med Biol Sci Eng 2022;5(2):47-90
Review Articles
Drugs targeting the viral enzymes of SARS-CoV-2
Yunhyeong Lee, Young Jin Jeon
Med Biol Sci Eng 2022;5(2):47-51
A short review of adverse events of sugammadex
Hyo Jung Son , Ukjin Jeong
Med Biol Sci Eng 2022;5(2):52-56
Applicability of hypotension prediction index to surgical patients
Kichang Lee, Ki Tae Jung
Med Biol Sci Eng 2022;5(2):57-62
Original Articles
Controlled bending of proximal femoral nails used in fractures of bowed femurs: biomechanical study with clinical application
Hong Moon Sohn, Suenghwan Jo
Med Biol Sci Eng 2022;5(2):63-67
Reliability of simple radiographic signs in detecting pincer-type femoroacetabular impingement
Soo Ah Kim, Suenghwan Jo
Med Biol Sci Eng 2022;5(2):68-72
Case Reports
Iatrogenic tracheal laceration after endotracheal intubation: a case report focusing on diagnosis and anesthetic management
Jin Lee, Hyun-seung Lee, Cheol-hyeong Lee
Med Biol Sci Eng 2022;5(2):73-77
A fatal complication during percutaneous nephrolithotomy: a renal artery rupture
Jihion Yu, Aejin Song, Hee Yeong Kim
Med Biol Sci Eng 2022;5(2):78-82
Balsalazide induced myocarditis in patient with ulcerative colitis: a case report
Jung In Lee, Seong Jung Kim, Jun Lee
Med Biol Sci Eng 2022;5(2):83-86
A lupus anticoagulant-hypoprothrombinemia syndrome patient with adenovirus infection who was accidentally diagnosed after trauma
Do-Jin Lee, Du-Young Choi
Med Biol Sci Eng 2022;5(2):87-90
Medical Biological Science and Engineering (Med Biol Sci Eng, MBSE), launched in 2018, is the official publication of the Institute of Medical Science, Chosun University. MBSE aims to contribute to the advancement....
M1 and M2 polarization of macrophages: a mini-review
Kun Yeong Lee
Received May 9, 2018; Accepted May 30, 2018.
Sugammadex reversal of large subcutaneous injection of rocuronium in an obese patient
Dae-Hoon Kim, Sung Min Kim, Joungmin Kim, Seongtae Jeong
Received September 5, 2019; Accepted September 23, 2019.
Evaluation of measurement uncertainty of urine output using two kinds of urine bags
Hyo Jung Son, Tae Woong Kim, Han Byeol Oh, Yoon Ji Choi
Received October 30, 2017; Accepted December 1, 2017.

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