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Med Biol Sci Eng 2019;2(1):1-30
Review Article
M1 and M2 polarization of macrophages: a mini-review
Kun Yeong Lee
Med Biol Sci Eng 2019;2(1):1-5
Original Articles
Effects of discontinuing angiotensin receptor blockers on perioperative hypotension in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Dong Soo Han, Jia Song, Myung Ha Yoon, Seongheon Lee
Med Biol Sci Eng 2019;2(1):6-11
Fate of sciatic nerve palsy following hip arthroplasty
Woong Chae Na, Jeong Hoon Kang, Jung Woo Lee, Suenghwan Jo
Med Biol Sci Eng 2019;2(1):12-16
Case Reports
Ventilation through placing the endotracheal tube passed down beyond the obstruction during general anesthesia in patient with mediastinal mass
Dong-soo Han, Sue Youn Park, Youngwook You, Jeeyun Rhee, Dae Hoon Kim, Seongtae Jeong
Med Biol Sci Eng 2019;2(1):17-21
Could the unexpected excessive airway pressure be caused by water in the ventilator circuit?: a case report
Taehee Pyeon, Jeong-Yeon Hwang, Sungmin Kim, Hong-Beom Bae, Joungmin Kim
Med Biol Sci Eng 2019;2(1):22-25
External iliac vein injury during total hip arthroplasty: a case report
Ji Hyo Kim, Ji Hyun Kim, Hyeon Jun Lee, Yehun Jin, Seong Wook Hong
Med Biol Sci Eng 2019;2(1):26-30
Medical Biological Science and Engineering (Med Biol Sci Eng, MBSE), launched in 2018, is the official publication of the Institute of Medical Science, Chosun University. MBSE aims to contribute to the advancement....
Evaluation of measurement uncertainty of urine output using two kinds of urine bags
Hyo Jung Son, Tae Woong Kim, Han Byeol Oh, Yoon Ji Choi
Received October 30, 2017; Accepted December 1, 2017.
Comparison of analgesic efficacy of oblique subcostal and lateral transversus abdominis plane block after laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Keum Young So, In Gook Jee, Ki Tae Jung, Sang Hun Kim
Received October 27, 2017; Accepted December 1, 2017.
Spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain management: mini-review
Younghoon Jeon
Received September 30, 2017; Accepted December 1, 2017.

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